Karthik Chiva Chidambaram Romeo RJ

Assistant Director, New face actor, Traditional artist, Comparing /Achor, VJ & RJ, Live event artist, Stage speaker, Story teller, Mimicry, Dubbing artist


  • Category Direction, Artist, Artist, Artist, Artist, Voice Artist, Voice Artist, Voice Artist, Voice Artist
  • Gender Male
  • Date of Birth 1988-11-17
  • Nationality Indian
  • Interest RJ & VJ
  • Typing Languages English
  • Hobbies Old songs books Read Novels Reading
  • Interest Area Novel story teller literature books
  • Any Software Experience DCA
  • Height 157
  • Weight 57
  • Hip 32
  • Shoe Size 7
  • Prefered Dress Comportable Several but I like formals
  • Prefered Shooting Time Your choice and anytime Night
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