Prithvi Thalapur

Theatre Actor, Trained Actor
I'm a Film Aspirant & Theatre Artist. I did my Acting course in Koothupattarai Acting School(2019 batch), I can speak 5 languages fluently(Tamil, telugu, kannada, Hindi, English) Since 2020 I have been working with a theatre team 'Aajivika' under a Strong Director/ Mentor (Dr. Uday Sosale) in Bengaluru . If I get a Good Scripts & characters to work on I can come back to Chennai.


  • Category Artist, Artist
  • Gender Male
  • Marital Status Single
  • Date of Birth 1990-09-10
  • Location Velachery, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Nationality Indian
  • Short Films An Actor's life(Telugu short film) released 2020, YouTube channel name - PritzReel
  • Experience Others Theatre play
  • Typing Languages Tamil, English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi
  • Hobbies Playing cricket
  • Any Software Experience Graphic designer, 3D Animator
  • Height 180
  • Weight 58
  • Hip 31
  • Shoe Size 8
  • Prefered Dress Comportable Funky
  • Prefered Shooting Time Anytime
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